Fitbit Extraction Protocol 

Fitbit devices are designed to track important health and activity markers, including heart rate, quality of sleep and the number of steps walked


Extraction Protocol

1. Sign in to and login with your account. Then select “View Setting” in the top right corner.

2. On the left screen under Settings. Select “Data Export”

3. Choose select “Export Data”. Then “Select “Request Data”

4. Select “Resent email”

5.  Then go to Account Email on the Apple Desktop and Verify email

6.  After you verify the email Refresh Page and you will see the percentage of download in process

7.  Keep selecting the refresh symbols behind the 81% to ensure the download is complete

8. The download will be sent to “Available Archives”, selected download,

9. Open File

10.  Select “User-site-Export”, Then Copy and Paste ALL content to “Raw Data” in Fitbit Folder on Server.