Actical Guide

Actical is a non-invasive, omni-directional accelerometer that accurately measures a subject’s energy expenditure and step count. lightweight, waterproof, and durable, Actical offers real-time ambulatory monitoring to meet your research needs. 

Philips Respironics | Actical


Setting Up


1. Connect ActiReader to COM port on your computer


COM port

Data cable connected to COM port

2. Plug in the reader, switch it on and put ActiCal device on ActiReader as shown below

ActiCal on ActiReader

3. Open ActiCal software by double clicking on the icon shown below

ActiCal icon

 4. Wait until main window of the software appears (see below)

ActiCal software

5. From Reader menu, select COM Port and then select COM1

COM Port

6. Select Configure Actical from Reader menu to configure ActiCal device

Configuring ActiCal

7. A confirmation is requested to comment configuring process


8. In case of misplaced ActiCal device on ActiReader, the following error message will appear (see below); otherwise, a preparation message will pop up 

Error message

Preparation message

 9. Configuration process starts and a progress bar on status bar shows the progress

Configuration progress

10. If the configuration process is successful, the following message will be shown

Successful configuration





Retrieve Data

1. To retrieve data from ActiCal, follow steps one to five in the Setting Up section, and then click on Reader and then Retrieve Data From Actical. A preparation message will pop up 

 Retrieve data from ActiCal

Retrieval preparation

2. Retrieving data commence and a progress bar appears in status bar

Retrieving process

 3. If the retrieval process is successful, the following message will be shown asking if the user wants to save the retrieved data

Successful retrieval

4. Select Z:\Research\dfuller\Walkabilly\studies\{StudyName}\ActiCal\AWC_files as path and {StudyName}_{DeviceID}_{Date} {Time}.bin as name and click Save

 Location to save extracted data